About Us

Where Passion and Experience Collide

We are The Holts, Brandon and Shelley.  We often introduce ourselves as BS Love.  People immediately think bull&%$t love, but it is for Brandon and Shelley love.  That approach always puts a smile on faces and makes people remember us. Our passion is to help others live their best lives today.  We do that in a number of ways, using our business experience and unique talents.  You deserve to stand out too and be a leader in the industry you have chosen that aligns with your gifts and passions.  You can reach more people and strengthen your relationships with your audience through virtual webinars.  We would be honored to help you.


For the past 10 years Shelley has developed and delivered virtual webinar sessions in a corporate setting and won numerous accolades for her development of on-demand learning.  After many years of traveling around the country spending countless hours away from home delivering training her company decided to go virtual.  She then had the luxury to sit at her home (or anywhere!) and do the same training.  Shelley is passionate to bring her 26 years of corporate, training and webinar expertise to people who want to grow, develop and prosper.


For the past 8 years Brandon has leveraged the power of virtual connections to build his businesses.  A firm believer in building valuable relationships that are mutually beneficial, virtual formats allow him to connect with people around the world to train, coach, and inspire each other on topics that help them flourish in their chosen fields. Brandon will often confess that if he can do a webinar, anyone can!